Accounting for Restaurants: A Guide to Setting Your Business up for Success

Operating a restaurant is a dream for many, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. There are far more restaurants and food-related businesses that fail than succeed, and that’s frequently because entrepreneurs spend more time focusing on front of house operations and food preparation than on the business and accounting side. Though it is not the flashy side of the business, accounting and bookkeeping is just as important as your menu, décor, and presentation, especially with the typical narrow profit margins seen in the restaurant business.

To make your success more likely, take the information provided below to heart. Even better, get professional assistance from our office.

Establishing a Smart Restaurant Bookkeeping Process

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The most important thing to do is hire a bookkeeper if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to restaurant bookkeeping – and preferably one who has specific experience in food and beverage...

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S Corp Tax Savings


If you own an LLC, you're probably paying too much tax!

In this video, I'll be teaching you about S corporations ("S corps") and specifically, S corps benefits. We'll discuss things like:

-- LLC vs S corp taxes
-- how to reduce self employment tax ("SE tax")
-- S corp distributions
-- how to increase cash flow using S corps

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Save 10-40% in After-Tax Cash Flow NOW!

cash flow taxes Jan 24, 2022

Want to find out how?  Watch this video.

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Rental Property Tax Benefits


Do you need more cash? Well, if you're a real estate investor, you're probably sitting on it as we speak!

In this video, I'll teach you about various rental property tax benefits and tax strategies for real estate investors, including the following topics:

-- rental income tax deductions
-- rental property expenses
-- how to avoid paying taxes
-- after tax cash flow
-- depreciation explained

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Business Tax Deductions


Are you overpaying on your taxes? Most people are!

In this video, we'll go over tax planning strategies as well as business tax deductions. Some specific topics we'll be discussing:

-- after tax cash flow
-- tax savings strategies
-- qualified business deduction
-- how to reduce self employment tax

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Want to Add 10-40% of Cash Flow?

cash flow taxes Oct 25, 2021

Here at Wealth.Tax, we have a set of tax strategies that will add 10-40% of cash flow to your bottom line, without having to hire expensive advisors or learn anything about the tax code.  

We work with business owners and real estate investors every day on implementing these powerful strategies and changing their financial future, practically overnight.  We would love the opportunity to discuss your individual circumstance with you and see if you're a fit for our services.  

Click here for a free case study to learn more!

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MEMBER FORUM HIGHLIGHT -- Cash Flow vs Rate of Return

Q: Please explain the relationship between cash flow and rate of return.

A: Fundamentally, one is a dollar amount and the other is a percentage.  Current cash flow, as a snapshot in time, shows how much cash is flowing in versus out.  
But rate of return involves a key equation to figure out: income divided by investment.  First, determine how you’ll define income – one way is to regard it as new annual cash flow.  Then keep that variable consistent and use it to compare investments.  So for example, if you had two possible investments to make, and each of the yielded $50,000 in income, but one required $200,000 and the other required $500,000 then the rate of return would be 25% and 10% -- clearly making the first deal the better one. 
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Are You Paying Too Much Tax?

cash flow tax tax planning Jul 26, 2021
Are you a business owner or a real estate investor? 

Are you paying too much tax? 

Or maybe you have a feeling you could be paying too much, but you don't know for sure?

Well, now business owners and real estate investors like yourselves can find out the answer to these questions in seconds.

Head over to watch a short video explaining how wealth.GPS can help you:

  • keep over 5-6 figures of income you'd normally be paying in tax
  • learn how to create more long-term wealth in less time
  • how you can cut taxes forever, permanently reducing your tax bill

Click here to find out more!

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Add 5-6 Figures of After-Tax Cash Flow!

cash flow net worth taxes Jun 28, 2021

When most people think about their finances, they don’t even realize that TAXES are their biggest expense. Just do the math – when you add up federal, state, local, Social Security & Medicare TAXES, you’ll easily see what I mean.  

You’ll probably be shocked at how much of your income goes to TAXES. It’s likely you’re already forking over 30-50% of your income to TAXES.

And guess what? I’ve got more bad news for you… 

Your TAXES are going up! It’s not a matter of IF, but HOW MUCH and HOW SOON?

TAXES are only going to go higher, with this new administration, a soaring national debt and rising deficits, plus waves of retirees dropping out of the workforce over the next decade, not to mention the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

TAXES will HAVE to go up to pay the piper.

So, what if I offered you a way to add 5-6 figures of after-tax cash flow in the next 90 days, and add an additional zero to your net worth...

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