C Corp Benefits


Are you using corporations to strategically reduce your taxes? I'm guessing a lot of you would answer "no" and are overpaying, so you definitely need to watch this video!

I'll cover all the ways in which C corporations can reduce your tax liability, including:

-- tax planning strategies with regard to your individual tax bracket
-- tax-free employment benefits
-- tax-free medical expense reimbursement plan (MERP)
-- Section 1202

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MEMBER FORUM HIGHLIGHT -- Insurance Policy Proceeds

entities life insurance Mar 16, 2022

Q: I recently received the proceeds from an insurance policy – which entity should I use to hold the money: an LLC, estate account, or my personal account? 

A: As is often the case, the answer here is “it depends.”  It is most dependent on your wealth strategy, which you can formulate by leveraging the Wealth.GPS system to analyze, model and adjust your financial data. 

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How to Choose a Business Structure


Do you know how to choose a business structure? Do you know which entity type is best for your business?

This video goes into significant detail on the various tax saving strategies and asset protection strategies associated with each entity type.

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Choosing the Right Entity


Do you know how to choose a business structure? Do you know which entity type is best for your business?

If not, keep watching!

In this video, we'll start off by reviewing personal marginal tax rates to set the table, then we'll look at how to choose a business structure and examine the decision from both a tax and legal liability protection standpoint. We'll discuss:

-- limited liability company
-- limited partnership
-- C Corporation
-- S Corps benefits
-- how to increase cash flow by choosing the right business structure

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Asset Protection Strategies


In this video, you'll learn about asset protection strategies and why they're so important for your wealth planning.

We'll cover the following topics:

-- entity ownership of business assets

-- entity responsibility for business debts

-- personal asset risks

-- business income tax considerations

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MEMBER FORUM HIGHLIGHT -- Do I Need Separate Bank Accounts?

Q: Do I need separate bank accounts for all of my entities? 

A: Absolutely – this allows each entity to conduct its own set of transactions (pay expenses and collect income).  Since asset protection is predicated on showing that each entity is separate, it is extremely important that each one have its own account rather than sharing one. 

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Pay Less Tax


In this video, we'll cover tax planning strategies that revolve around business entity structures, and the business tax incentives that they create.

Keep in mind, the right entity choice has a huge impact on your after tax cash flow, and is one of the best tax savings strategies available to you.

If you've always wondered how to not pay taxes legally, you've come to the right place!

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entities llc tax planning Jul 07, 2021

Today's Member Forum question spotlight deals with entities and married couples:

Q: If a married couple owns an LLC together, can they be considered a single member? 

A: Yes, if they live in a community property state.  This is important because it means the LLC will be considered disregarded versus a partnership, both of which trigger various tax implications.  Check to see if your state falls into this category.

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