Incapacity & Intestacy


Do you know the advantages of having a living will and trust? Do you know the importance of a durable financial power of attorney? Do you know what is intestacy?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions, then stop what you're doing and watch this video. In it, I'll help you understand the importance of estate planning basics, such as the ones mentioned above.

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Planning for Incapacity


Planning for incapacity is a crucial part of estate planning. It's vitally important to consider the types of end of life decisions that can impact all of the hard work and preparation you've done on your financial portfolio.

In this video, I'll cover some of the major areas you need to be aware of to plan for incapacity, such as:

-- health care directive definition
-- durable power of attorney for healthcare
-- what is do not resuscitate order

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Introduction to Estate Planning


In this video, we'll discuss estate planning basics and introduce some estate planning strategies.

Other topics covered include:
-- do I need a will
-- do I need an estate plan
-- what is durable power of attorney
-- what is do not resuscitate order

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