Interest Rates & the Real Estate Market

At Wealth.Tax, we're super interested in real estate investing and the overall market, so we're watching interest rate dynamics pretty closely.  Recently, the Fed raised rates for the first time since 2018, and there's sure to be fallout from that, which you need to pay attention to as you plan your next move.

Check out this news from CNBC on recent metrics for mortgage refinance activity.

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Depreciation & Cost Segregation


Are you maximizing the tax benefits of your real estate investments? Chances are, you're not!

In this video, we'll dive deep into two major tax savings tips when it comes to real estate: depreciation and cost segregation. These rental property tax benefits should be cornerstone strategies in your overall real estate investment planning.

I'll cover the pros and cons associated with depreciation, as well as go over the timelines you need to be aware of as to when various items (appliances, etc.) can be depreciated.

We'll also take a close look at the 4 main components that go into a cost segregation study, and show you a formula with all the math that goes into it.

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Real Estate Tax Incentives


If you're a real estate investor, and you're paying a lot of tax, you're doing something wrong!

In this video, I'll show you more tactics and strategies for maximizing rental property tax benefits and increasing your rental property cash flow. We'll go over:

-- rental income tax deductions
-- rental property expenses
-- repairs versus improvements
-- tax reduction strategies

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IMF and Inflation

Worried about inflation?  Check out this article from 3 Feb covering the IMF Chief's outlook on inflation.  

In the meantime, think about how inflation-sensitive assets like real estate could give your portfolio a lift, then give us a call to strategize!

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Attention Real Estate Investors!

Some potentially alarming news published by CNBC last week on the real estate sector -- check it out here and leave us a question or comment.  Are you still planning to buy or are you hitting the sidelines in the face of potential rate hikes? 

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Rental Property Tax Benefits


Do you need more cash? Well, if you're a real estate investor, you're probably sitting on it as we speak!

In this video, I'll teach you about various rental property tax benefits and tax strategies for real estate investors, including the following topics:

-- rental income tax deductions
-- rental property expenses
-- how to avoid paying taxes
-- after tax cash flow
-- depreciation explained

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