Taxes & IRAs


Find treasure in your tax buckets!

Chances are, you're not planning for those retirement years as strategically as you need to be, when it comes to shifting income into lower brackets and making sure you don't get taxed at the highest brackets.

Watch this video for more about retirement income strategies, and Roth conversions specifically.

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MEMBER FORUM HIGHLIGHT -- Cashing Out Retirement Plan

Q: What are some of the best ways to minimize taxes when cashing out of my retirement plan? 

A: This will depend on a few different factors.  Be aware that, as a starting point, retirement distributions are taxed as ordinary income, and could trigger a penalty if accessed early.  Keep in mind though, when you withdraw in a low-income year, those penalties are lessened by that fact.  Outside investments that generate passive income losses, such as oil & gas and rental properties, can be a good way to blunt the effects of cashing out of the retirement plan.  Best practice is of course is to run all this by your advisor and get a qualified, second opinion. 

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Social Security Tips


Do you find yourself asking "when should I apply for social security?"

Well, in this video I'll help you answer that question. We'll discuss retirement income planning from the standpoint of claiming social security benefits, as well as social security disability taxes.

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Retirement Income Planning


Have you done adequate retirement investment planning?

In this video, I'll continue to expand on the Roth conversion discussion from previous videos, and branch off into the following discussion areas:

-- retirement income planning
-- how much annual income you'll need
-- maximizing enjoyment of retirement
-- managing risks associated with retirement

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