Personal Finance 101: Holistic Financial Planning


In this video, we begin taking a closer look at certain financial planning basics and other personal finance 101 topics.

Most financial advisors just focus on investment management and product sales -- after all, that's how they make money, and unfortunately, too often they're looking out for themselves first.

This is why you have to learn financial planning basics, which includes tax planning strategies and wealth planning, and be able to synthesize it all into a holistic financial planning approach.

Wealth planning involves understanding asset allocation strategies; tax planning strategies involve income and estate tax minimization.

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Wealth.Tax YouTube Channel is Live!

Exciting news! The Wealth.Tax YouTube channel has officially launched as of this week!
If you want to learn how to add 5-6 figures of after-tax cash flow in the next 90 days and add a 0 to your net worth long term, check out the channel and make sure to Subscribe.
On the channel, I will show you how to apply advanced wealth planning, tax & real estate specific strategies to increase your after-tax cash flow by 5-6 figures or more and add a 0 to your net worth for long-term generational wealth. Even better, you’ll be able to tell your CPA or advisor exactly how they can help you get there (or find a new advisor that can!).
Make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the Notification bell so you know when new videos drop! We post videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, every week!
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A True Wealth Plan

A true wealth plan -- one that's oriented towards accelerated growth over the long term, in support of lasting, generational wealth -- needs to take into account tax optimization (in every case) and real estate (in nearly all cases).

If you're missing these two items, drop us a line ASAP and let's talk!

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Wealth Transition and Succession Planning During COVID-19

In the current COVID-19 environment, businesses would do well to keep a close eye on issues surrounding wealth transition and succession planning.  Check out this article, which goes into some depth on the subject.

Here's an excerpt from the article that speaks to the urgency of this issue for many businesses:

"Thanks in no small part due to COVID-19, many private enterprises and even family-owned businesses have been forced to dramatically rethink their points of view on these and other important wealth transition and succession planning topics. Not only that, but when you consider that roughly $68 trillion is set to be passed down from Baby Boomers to their beneficiaries over the next ten years - an unprecedented transfer of wealth - it's clear that these are issues that must be assessed sooner rather than later." 

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